Russell W. Welsh, Jr.,  Mayor

  Michael O. Ledrich , Council President


                Fritz Sims

                 William Rebel

                Charles Murtaugh

                Donna Moan

                William Packer









Borough Officials
          Christine A. Helder - Borough Clerk/Tax Collector
          William J. Bittner, Jr. - Administrator
          John Bruno - Chief Financial Officer
          Timothy Scaffidi, Esquire - Solicitor
          Jonathan A. Bryson, P.E - Borough Engineer   
          Nick L. Petroni- Auditor
          Robert  Kunkle - Constuction Official
          Frederick J. Lederer, III - Chief of Police
          Donna Domico - Certified Public Works Manager
          Michael Sautter - Chairman, Land Use Board
         John Leach - Housing/Zoning/Code Enforcement

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